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Neutronpay Updated by Neutronpay

Lets get started!

In your Neutronpay account in the "Settings" area, go to the "Plugins" tab and download the Woo-Commerce plugin.

Then go to the "API key" tab to "Generate" a Woo-Commerce API key.

Copy the API key.

Now go to your Wordpress admin section, select "Plugins" and click on "Add New" in the top left, then click "Upload Plugin", then click on "Browse".

Find where you downloaded the Woo-Commerce plugin and select it, then click "Install". And click on "Activate" after install is complete.

Now go to the "Woo-commerce" section, click on "Settings", then "Payment" tab, Enable Neutronpay.

Go to "Manage", here you will paste the "API key" you copied from your Neutronpay account and click Save.

Bitcoin payment method is now available on your Woo-Commerce store!

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