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Get started in Neutronpay

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Get started in Neutronpay


Neutronpay's dashboard displays the latest activity on your account.

You will see your balance's.

You will have a view of your sales from last 24 hours all the way to the end of the year.

You will have a view of your 5 most recent transactions. If you'd like to view the complete list, just click on transactions at the bottom and it will bring you to the transactions section.

On the left side you will have your navigation menu.


A complete list of the transaction history. A detailed CSV file can also be downloaded for accounting purposes.


The balances you have in each of the payment methods supported on Neutronpay.


Withdrawal Bitcoin, Stablecoins, & *Cash/Fiat (This is available once completing the KYC/AML form and being approved).

Quick invoice

This feature is to get started right away. If you need an invoice on the go for selling goods or services and don't have an online store yet. All you need is a mobile device and you can perform a sales transaction on the spot for Bitcoin or Stablecoin.


To change, update, get API keys and plugins

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How to create a invoice